Having his jet helps his work

When Lisa Guerrero, the reporter for Inside Edition ran up to the luxury SUV which televangelist Kenneth Copeland was getting into, the interview that followed can only be described as a toe squirming one. For the interest of balance, Guerrero launched a hard ball as her first question when she asked why the televangelist would not fly commercial and what does he mean when he said that he does not want to be in a tube occupied by demons?

Kenneth Copeland, the owner of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, admits himself to be an extremely wealthy man. Sources report him having a net worth above $300 million. He claims his wealth is not solely sourced from his supporters. He said that he has huge reserves of natural gas under his property. He also claimed to have distributed his wealth, saying that Kenneth Copeland Ministries has invested approximately $25 million to help the poor, pointing out he could do that only as he was rich.

Copeland never gives a direct answer to the reporter’s questions. He compliments the eyes of the reporter and even tries to stop the reporter so he could pray for guidance and claims his wife’s love for Inside Edition. Strangely, for a spiritual person, he bragged about the wealth he has made and refers to the reporter herself as some “Inside Edition.” He also calls her “baby” and “sweetheart.” He also tries to explain why he used the word “demons” to describe other airline passengers.

Kenneth Copeland made national headlines in 2018 when his ministry paid in cash for a Gulfstream V jet. The aircraft model is priced a cool $36 million in the market when it was first unveiled in 1998. The aircraft has since then depreciated, with some dealers selling the luxury aircraft for only six million dollars. The televangelist has admitted to owning three private jets and bought his latest acquisition from Tyler Perry, the actor. Copeland declined to say how much he paid.

According to Copeland, flying his jets are essential to do God’s work. Flying commercial means, he must forego 65 percent of the work he does. The televangelist pointed out he flies to Africa and South America on his jets. Critics have pointed out he also operates on a jet plane to his vacation spots.


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