AURA Light Show At Notre-Dame Basilica Amazes Viewers

AURA Light Show At Notre-Dame Basilica Amazes Visitors

AURA Light Show At Notre-Dame Basilica Amazes Viewers
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Dazzling Display Combines Catholic Iconography With Modern Art

The Notre-Dame Basilica at Montreal is taking part in the celebration of the city’s 375th anniversary with an amazing light show. Titled AURA, the show features a variety of tantalizing sensory experiences, highlighting the unique architecture and the heritage of the extravagant building. The two-part experience begins with a series of multimedia installations that are located throughout the building. This first part is designed to highlight the art that exists within the Notre-Dame Basilica, allowing the viewer to get in touch and connect with the building and the beautiful art that has been added during the 188-year history of the building. Most interestingly, light is utilized to improve the artwork beneath the screens. 

AURA Light Show At Notre-Dame Basilica Amazes Viewers[/tweetthis]

After the viewer takes time to experience the inlaid artwork, the second portion of the experience begins. Without spoiling any of the fun, the next part begins with an exquisite light show complete with laser and sensor-equipped screen arrays and accompanied with music that is played on the massive organ located in Basilica. The multimedia show itself takes place in several parts, with a marriage between architecture, light, and music that highlights the place that Notre-Dame has made for itself in Montreal. 

Naturally, there are those who accuse the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal of being wasteful with their resources. However, the fact is that the Basilica is a building that has been a part of Montreal’s history. The Gothic-Revival style church is one of the oldest in the city, and has served as the first cathedral of the Diocese of Montreal. The beautiful Notre-Dame Basilica seeks to present the history of the building in connection with that of the city while simultaneously showing the place that the building has in the future of the city.

Specifically, Madam Manon Blanchette, President and CEO of the Fabrique de la Paroisse Notre-Dame of Montreal insists that the ongoing openness of the church as a religious place and a cornerstone of history will bring in new people to appreciate the art and message of the building. 

The AURA experience continues to be available by purchasing tickets that are available on the MomentFactory website


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