“Atheists Make Better Lovers” Billboard Goes up in Orange County, CA

Video screenshot
Video screenshot
Atheists in Orange County, CA show off a cheeky new billboard toting the benefits of non-belief.

Backyard Skeptics, a California based group, installed a billboard to coincide with Valentines Day in 2016, featuring two sentences “Atheists make better lovers. (After all, nobody is watching).” This message has a certain charm of repeatability and it has been in use ever since.

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The message has been created and the billboard put up by Bruce Gleason, the founder of Backyard Skeptics. In his statement, Gleason says that the point of installing the Santa Ana billboard is to promote non-theism's humanistic philosophy as a method to improve the occurrence of reasonable thought. He also espoused a peaceful world.

Gleason, with his organization members makes it clear that their aim does not involve the conversion of people away from personal religious beliefs. He holds the belief that the people will do so through their own will by asking sufficient number of questions. The answers should also be explored from a greater rational life stance. The total cost of the billboard is $2,500 for a period of four weeks. The advertising was sponsored by an anonymous donor hailing from Huntington Beach.

The billboard is quite coy, showing the feet of two people poking out from bedsheets. It can be described as bold and outrageous. Some people may even term the billboard message crazy. Whatever is said, it is not sensible to underestimate Gleason, a man with a following of 1,000 members according to meetup.com. The website Backyard Skeptics shows him beside a white board filled with mathematical equations and an Albert Einstein photo.

One of Gleason’s supporters, Lisa Pedersen, wore a T-shirt promoting humanism, free thought, secularism and rationalism. She said that society does not understand atheists and non-theists should not be judged.

Gleason, by profession a producer and video director, is confident in his beliefs. He quotes Carl Sagan, the astronomer, before media appearances when he says that the “absence of evidence is no evidence of absence” and then swiftly adds that Sagan was wrong in this count.

Gleason, who’s hometown is Anaheim, has been married for about 22 years and became an atheist after he turned 40.


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