Revival Baptist Church is hosting the event during Gay Pride Week

A minister in Orlando who happens to be against LGBTQ people vehemently is hosting the “Make America Straight Again” event June 14-16. This event coincides with the anniversary of the Pulse shooting and will feature a pastor who is quite outspoken about his desire for the cold-hearted execution of people belonging to the LGBTQ community.

The speakers include well-known people such as Steven Anderson who celebrated the Pulse shooting as soon as it happened. Because in his words, “There’s 50 Less Pedophiles in This World.” In addition to this, he said that he’s “not gonna sit here and cry about it and say it’s a tragedy, because it’s not.” Furthermore, he added that if there were a button he could push that would kill every LGBTQ person, he would push it until the button broke. Anderson is banned from setting foot in about 31 countries for preaching his views that LGBTQ people should be executed.

Another speaker, Roger Jimenez, said the worst part of the entire massacre was the fact that the shooter couldn’t finish the job. Mr. Jimenez has also expressed his desire for the for the Government to gather all LGBTQ people and put them up against a firing wall and “blow their brains out.” Pastor Jimenez has even called LGBTQ sex “unnatural.”

Tommy McMurtry said that he wishes society would revert to a time when they used to put LGBTQ people in their place, which he elaborated as being “six feet under.”

Pastor Patrick Boyle of Orlando’s Revival Baptist Church is hosting the conference timed to Gay Pride Week. Pastor Boyle said the LGBTQ community “will be out and proud of who they are and daring someone to say something and we’re going to go ahead and take them up on it. This conference is going to be explaining our view, or rather God’s view, on it.”

Boyle claims he wants to make American straight “again,” but only by condemning LGBTQ community. “The Bible says ‘That which is crooked cannot be made straight.'”


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