Alabama Senator Says Gay Marriage  Worst Than Slavery

Roy Moore Continues Extreme Statements Against LGBT Community

Roy Moore, the controversial Republican nominee for senator of Alabama, has again made headlines with his opposition to gay marriage. This time he declared the Obergefell decision legalizing gay marriage to be “even worse” than the Dred Scott decision.

The Dred Scott decision found that African Americans were not citizens, but were property. These comments were made on the “Here I Stand” podcast, created by the conservative Christian Emergency League.

This comment is troubling for several reasons. First, the language of using the word “worse.” It would be one thing to say that the Obergefell is a bad decision in the same way that the Dred Scott decision was bad. This would still be a terrible comment but would be similar to what other religious conservative politicians have said. But to say that it is worse seems to be racially charged. This is not the first time Roy Moore has been caught saying questionable racist comments. He protested removing segregationist language from the state constitution of Alabama and his Foundation for Moral Law has sponsored secession speakers.

Second, is Roy Moore’s hatred of the LGBT community. He used a famous Holocaust poem to describe gay rights, and footage has released where Roy Moore arguing that homosexuality should be made illegal.

Even with his comments, Roy Moore is the favored to win the December election. He is in single digit lead ahead of Democratic candidate Doug Jones.


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