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White House Press Secretary Said 'God Wanted Trump to Become President'

White House Press Secretary Said ‘God Wanted Trump to Become President’

Sanders says Trump has done a great job for the faithful. Sarah Sanders, the press secretary of the White House under the Trump administration,

LA Faith Coalition Emergency Meeting

LA Faith Coalition to Hold Emergency Press Conference Demanding Disney CEO Bob Iger End Anti-Religious Hate on A&E Networks

Religious leaders will gather in front of Disney offices to “end anti-religious hate.” World Religion News received an email overnight from Los Angeles Faith

Vatican’s Press Directors Resign

Vatican’s Press Director, Greg Burke, Resigns

Pope Francis will shortly appoint a team to do their work Pope Francis received his first jolt of 2019 when Greg Burke, the spokesman

New First Presidency Addresses Church Growth, LGBTQ Issues, Role of Women at Press Conference

New LDS Presidency Talks Growth, LGBTQ, & Women at Press Conference

He is all set to continue the status quo The newly minted 93-year-old First President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,

Dear Pope Francis Wins Big in the Catholic Press Association 2017 Book Awards

Pope Francis wins first place with Dear Pope Francis Loyola Press brings us a well-documented interaction between the pope and children from all corners

The Church of Scientology Issues a 9/11 Commemorative Press Release

The Church of Scientology today released a press release commemorating their Volunteer Ministers contribution to the 9/11 disaster response. More than 800 Scientology Volunteer