Why Rapper Hopsin Quit Being a Christian But Promises to Become 100% Devoted If God Proves Himself as Real

The Come Up Show is licensed under CC BY 2.0
The Come Up Show is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Rapper Marcus Jamal Hopson a.k.a. Hopsin is lost and searching for God.

Rapper Marcus Jamal Hopson or popularly known as Hopsin shocked a lot of people when the well-known Christian artist released his song “Ill Mind of Hopsin 7” which essentially questions God’s existence and his faith.

In a recent interview with the Hard Knock TV, the 29-year old rapper confirmed that he already lost his faith and no longer a member of the born-again Christian church. But he also clarified that he is still on the process of “finding” God and when He proves Himself as real, Hopsin pledges that he will dedicate 100 percent of his life and time to Him.

[WARNING: Explicit Language]

The rapper pointed that the song really is his cry for help to God. According to him, the lyrics were written and produced during his life’s most difficult times. Last year while having his Knock Madness tour, Hopsin was going through a break up situation. It’s also the time when he had so many doubts and questions in life. He had doubts in his career, his personal identity, his self-confidence, his relationship with people, life in general, and including the existence of God.

During those times, he was praying a lot especially to God but was uncertain if Someone or Something would respond back. The rapper added that he also have doubts on the “responses” he has received in the past. Are those actual responses of God or just a product of his mind’s belief to Him?

[WARNING: Explicit Language]

The song was never created to dismiss the idea of God or the teachings of the bible. According to him, it’s just a product of his curiosity which is normal for human beings. He also hopes that people who have the same questions and those who feel the same way could relate to his song.

Hopsin is still in the process of finding God

After the release of his song, several people who Hopsin calls as “atheists” approached him and agreed with his thoughts. But the artist clarified that he is not an atheist but is still in the stage of finding and getting to know God. He has one major hope; he wanted God to become real.

“I want to get to know God. I want God to be real and I’m still on my quest to find why I’m here, find God. I’m still on my journey. I want to believe. I’m still trying to make sense of everything”.

The human brain is the closest proof of God’s existence

For those who are searching for actual evidences of God’s existence, Hopsin argues that the best and closest is the human brain. He describes the brain as a “godly organ” that is both intricate and powerful. According to Hopsin, the brain “Can analyze things. You can pick apart things, you can understand them. You can get answers from it. You can maneuver your way through life and you can make heaven on Earth”.


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