Trump’s Refugee Order Forces World Relief to Lay Off Over 140 Employees

Christian Group that helps refugees will lay off over 140 people.

World Relief will lay off over 140 people since Trump’s executive order will reduce the number of U.S. refugees. [/tweetit] Only a limited number of refugees will be permitted to resettle in United States. The Baltimore headquartered non-profit has also announced the closure of its offices in Nashville, Tennessee; Glen Burnie, Maryland; Boise, Idaho and in Columbus, Ohio.

Christian Group That Helps Refugees Lays off over 140 People[/tweetthis]

The Glen Burnie branch of World Relief provides employment to ten individuals. Another five to ten positions are expected to be taken away at the non-profit's headquarters located on the busy East Baltimore street. These layoffs will happen within the next four months. The non-profit has said the decision was taken at a time of sad reality with the hope that the company will prosper in the coming future.

The executive order issued by Trump suspended the program of the U.S. Refugee Admissions for a period of 120 days. Maximum number of refugees to be allowed in the United States will have a ceiling of 50,000 in 2017. This is much fewer than the 110,000 during the previous years. Tim Breene, the Chief Executive Officer of World Relief, says the efforts will go on and his organization is redoubling its efforts to assist displaced persons around the world. The Trump administration is urged by its officials to, “renew and reinvigorate efforts to work together with the global humanitarian community to meet this urgent crisis head on.”

World Relief works with the U.S. State Department and local churches. It helps resettle refugees in United States. The organization helps them to secure housing, necessary schooling for children and helps them to acquire gainful employment. Immigration counseling is also done.

World Relief has opened a number of offices across the United States in anticipation of 110,000 refugees planned to be admitted into United States during 2017 fiscal year. This plan was conceived under President Barack Obama. Trump's win in the presidential elections smashed all those plans. The new diktat to cap refugees at 50,000 remain unchanged even after the court order. Most of the refugees are from Syria and Iraq, along with five other nations which Trump specifically targeted in his order. The President put forward the argument this order is a must to make sure the U.S. remains safe from terrorists hiding under the guise of refugees.


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