Scientists Upset Over Subject Matter For Religion Course


High school students in Spain who take an elective religion class will have to adhere to the following principle: “The student recognizes the divine origin of the cosmos with amazement, makes efforts to understand it, and is aware that it does not originate from chaos and chance.” On the surface, the individuals who outlined the religion class have simply pointed to the LOMCE law which was pushed through the Congress in Spain.

What Is The Subject Material?

One aspect of the course that has many people upset is the subject material that is being taught. The religion class that is being offered is predicated upon the fact that a human being is unable to achieve happiness on their own accord. Instead, they must find it within religion, particularly Christianity.

Some supporters of the class have pointed out that it mentions two specific scientists in detail: Galileo Galilei and Miguel Servet. However, it has been pointed out that the course examines these individuals in light of their faith and not necessarily the scientific achievements that they have given to the world.

Spanish Educational Changes

The religion classes that have been developed for the schools in Spain have been developed by the nation’s bishops. This is based in an old agreement between the Holy See and the government in 1979, allowing them to have control over certain aspects of education. While the religion class is an elective, it has been given a bearing on a student’s final grades. This has made more students volunteer to take the course and to at least explore the ideas that are presented in the class.

Some teachers have vehemently defended the course, saying that it is a valuable perspective to look into. Yet, some teachers have said that they feel that the religion class should not require students to abide by the critical lens of viewing religion and expressing amazement at divine origins.

However, just as scientists had taken issue with the inclusion of the religion class, social activists have taken issue with the course that has been excluded so that the religion class could continue. The Citizen Education course has been discontinued to make room for the religion class, depriving students from subject matter that is dedicated to talking about social issues in Spain.


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