Over 10,000 “Christmas is All About Jesus” Signs To Go Up In Tennessee

Via video screenshot
Via video screenshot
A Pastor’s Crusade to put Christ back in Christmas.

Pastors all over Tennessee have embarked on spreading the message that Jesus should be celebrated all throughout December. They have printed a large number of yard signs that proclaim “Christmas is all about Jesus,” with the goal to distribute the signs across all 95 counties of Tennessee.

Over 10,000 “Christmas is All About Jesus” Signs To Go Up In Tennessee[/tweetthis]

For pastors like Fairview Baptist Church's Bobby Kail, New Faith Baptist Church's James Shepherd and Tabernacle Baptist Church's Jimmy Terry, there were no doubts about the importance of such an effort. They have asked Christians all over the state for assistance to spread the message and are hoping their movement will influence all of America.

Jimmy Terry holds the belief that the manner in which non-Christian cultures celebrate Easter and Christmas is not appropriate. He said that two of the holiest days in the history of humanity have been desecrated. The Christmas celebration now consists of a person wearing a red suit, while a bunny and a few eggs make up Easter. The pastor also wonders why many issues have complete months devoted to the cause, in contrast with Jesus' birth and resurrection lasting only one day for each of them.

Pastor Shepherd lamented that Jesus is not included in Christmas light decorations. He mentioned that while driving past a Christmas display in a street, he noticed that all the trees were lit up, but there was not a single scene from the manger. The pastor alleged that “We have let Satan dethrone Jesus Christ.” He said although there was an excellent response to the “Christmas is All About Jesus” signs, it hasn’t caught on quite like he’s hoped so far. He expressed the hope that every home should have one displayed in their yard.

Pastor Dickson is of the opinion that Christmas is now an occasion for shopping and less for celebrating Christ's birth. He expressed dismay that the holy days have become commercial holidays. The days have become a path for business persons to coin in money and the true meaning of Christmas is lost. He added that the U.S. should become a Christian nation and it should reflect Christianity in the same manner Islam is reflected by the Muslim countries. He compared America to Afghanistan, where the latter shows Islamic signs everywhere.


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