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“Our God is Bigger” Shirts Protest Deleted Bible Verse

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Texas parents are buying “Our God is Bigger” t-shirts after a school was forced to remove a Bible verse from its website.

A few days ago, the website of the Troup Independent School District had the phrase, “As Goliath moved closer to attack, David quickly ran out to meet him,” displayed on its home page. The school was forced to remove the phrase recently because of a complaint it received from the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF). The FFRF's complaint pointed out that the phrase, a bible passage from the Old Testament, violated the Federal Constitution by promoting one particular religion, Christianity, over others.

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The removal of the verse from the school's website did not go well with the parents of the Christian students studying at the school. They have started a t-shirt campaign to protest against the removal of the verse from the website. The parents are making their children wear the custom t-shirts, with the statement “Our God is Bigger” printed on them, to the school. The custom t-shirts cost $7 each.

The catch here is that the parents are not protesting against the school. They are fighting for the school. According to Brittany Taylor, one of the parents who is involved in the protest, they are not upset with the school because they understand that the school management's hands are tied. She said the protest is all about upholding their principles. Another parent, Cindy Carnes, posted on Facebook that, unlike that of the school management, their (parents) hands are not tied. They have the right to exercise their freedom to actively worship and praise their Lord, and they do mind getting their kids involved.

FFRF is an American non-profit organization. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, it has members from all the 50 states. It is the largest national organization advocating for atheists. The organization is an avid promoter of the separation of the state and the church. FFRF was founded in the year 1976, and incorporated in the year 1978.

According to FFRF, a bible verse on the website of a school amounts to the endorsement of Christianity. The Federal Constitution specifically states that schools should not endorse any form of religion. According to Sam Grover, an FFRF attorney, endorsement of religion over non-religion or one religious belief over others, by a school, which is a government entity, is prohibited under the Federal Constitution. FFRF says that the parents who are protesting against the removal of the bible verse from the school's website are missing this point.


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