Poem about God being a lie

Middle Schoolers Told That God Is a Lie Through a Poem

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Parents and School React

Parents of students studying at Cedartown Middle School expressed concern after their children read a poem. The offensive literature in question was given to a number of students studying in the concerned Polk County located school. According to teachers, the poem's context is a mythology lesson from Greece. The school system admitted it as an unfortunate mistake. They assured that this kind of incident will never be repeated.

Middle Schoolers Told That God Is a Lie Through a Poem[/tweetthis]

The poem at the center of the storm is titled Unicorn. It starts with saying to the reader, that God is similar to a mythical creature, and then describes the almighty as a unicorn complete with silver blood. The poem then suggests that if the reader drinks this blood, then the latter will gain immortality and even make an excellent story like the ones featuring Harry Potter. The poem then continues to say that God is found to be revealed as a lie and a childish dream like a unicorn.

The poem was nothing extraordinary. Problems started when the poem was given to students studying in middle school. Parents are not happy about it. School officials have admitted to the media that they could decipher why this poem could be regarded as a controversial one. They said that the poem could sound a little iffy if it is placed out of context. The gods in the poem are Greek Gods.

In an interview with FOX 5, Shannon Hulsey, the Principal of Cedartown Middle School said, "We just admitted. This was a mistake. In no way whatsoever would we want to defame God or go anywhere in that direction at the school."

The language arts team teaching sixth grade students were made of three teachers who were roundly criticized after the controversy erupted. According to school officials, the poem was only distributed as portion of ancient mythology curriculum. Students were supposed to use it for comparing short stories on the subject of Greek gods. It also wanted to elaborate on how the unicorn was thought to represent a safe and happy place. Principal Hulsey conceded why parents were upset. She looked at the controversy from the parents' point of view and conceded they were justified to arrive at their conclusion. Unicorn comes from the youth-written collection of poems, Reflections on God, Islam, and Life.


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