Women Divine

How Women Can Benefit from Seeing the Feminine in the Divine

Women Divine

Taking a look at how women can embrace femininity in the Judeo-Christian deity.

All the major ancient religions from Greece to India to Africa have a God-mother figure. She has been referred to as Mother Goddess, Mother Earth, Gaia, Sophia, Artemis, Diana and Isis. This mother figure or goddess is usually described as an energy force inside every living thing. Such a deity unfortunately has no place in the traditionally male dominated three major religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. It is easy to see why women would feel alienated by such religions where there is no deity they can draw understanding from with physical attributes to them given the translations that have made God a male with no equal feminine counterpart.

What results from this marginalization and literal interpretations of everything divine to be male dominated has led to a undervaluing of the female elements of the divine and thus the devaluing and marginalization of women. The feminine physical and emotional attributes are no longer celebrated as masculine attributes take center stage resulting in a distortion or imbalance affecting both men, but mostly women who not only are mistreated but lack a figure they relate to. It has not always been this especially in the oriental and Hellenistic cultures. Women were once revered as beautiful, creative sensual beings as the sacred feminine was honored as the bringer of life, growth decline, death and rebirth.

There is a need for women to learn to see the feminine in the divine. This will help them appreciate themselves better and largely improve their self-esteem. It will help them avoid the feelings of depression and realize their power within. Recognizing the feminine divine allows women to appreciate God more in their life, not as the dominating male figure as all other males in their lives but as the compassionate, caring and understanding deity. It allows them to discover their beauty and position in society and their major role in nurturing the rest of the world. As such there is no shameful feeling accompanying feminine development of physical and emotional attributes like body changes.

There are numerous ways women can see the divine. The most obvious is through the worship of the God-mother figure, those who are not given to such leanings can look towards spiritual lady figures and through the feminine attributes of the divine and connect them to their lives. Seeing the feminine in the divine allows the women to have introspection and appreciate their self, integrating the different parts to form a whole.


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