Daring Muslim Man Rescued Two Women in the Paris Terror Attacks


Brave Muslim man saved the lives of two women in the midst of the terror attack.

An Algerian Muslim employee of the Casa Nostra Cafe in Paris, France, who identifies himself as ”Safer”, risked his life to save two women who were injured during the horrific terror attacks that took place on Friday, November 13, 2015. The Casa Nostra Cafe was just one of the several public cafes that were attacked that evening.

Muslim Saves two Women during Paris Attacks.[/tweetthis]

Safer says he was behind the cafe's counter when he first heard the gunshots ring out. He heard loud bangs that sounded like explosions, and everyone bean screaming. Glass was raining down on the people in the cafe, hitting and cutting their faces. He then noticed two women just outside the cafe who were injured.

Safe said the two women were out on the cafe's terrace and had been shot. One had been shot in the wrist and the other had been shot in the shoulder. Both of them were bleeding very badly. Safer says he waited for a pause in the shooting and then ran outside on the terrace and helped the two injured women to safety.

He said he picked both of the injured women up and quickly took them down into the basement of the cafe. He then sat with them and tried to stop their wounds from bleeding. He could still hear at least two or three minutes more of continuous gunfire ringing out above them.

As terrifying as the ordeal was, Safer and the two women escaped what could have been much worse. When they came out after the attackers had left, they saw bodies in the street. A lot of people had been injured and/or killed.

The role of Islam is already a “constant part of public discourse.” Questions are being raised as to why these people want to do so much harm in the name of God. Safer believes that the attacks had nothing to do with “religion.” He claims that real Muslims are not made for killing people. He called the attackers “criminals.” He says that he and the other Muslims who reside in the area are “not like them.”

The Casa Nostra Cafe is located in the 11th arrondissement, a mixed area. The area is home to a lot of people of Arab origin and Muslims, many who were shocked that the area was attacked. The attacks have left many of the Muslim residents angry. They are also worried about the larger impact these attacks will likely have on the Muslim community.


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