Joy Behar and Candace Cameron Bure engaged in a powerful discussion about creation and evolution on The View.

Dr. Ben Carson’s view about science and evolution attracted another heated debate on Wednesday. Speaking during the daytime show The View, co-hosts Joy Behar and Candace Cameron Bure engaged in a powerful discussion about Creationism. What could have triggered the debate? How did it all start?

The discussion was ignited when they tabled a debate concerning the recent GOP reports about Dr. Ben Carson where one of his advisers said to the New York Times that Carson is not in any way familiar with foreign policy.

Behar in her opinion said that she didn’t find that surprising since Dr. Ben Carson had earlier expressed her opinion challenging history and science believes on Creationism. But Bure on the other hand responded promptly and attempted to defend Ben Carson’s view on evolution theory.

Supporting her point Bure replied saying “Because that does not mean that he is a dumb man or unintelligent.” She also expounded that “To use that as an argument — I don’t believe in evolution, but intelligent design, there are many people and great scientists that are all over the world that believe in intelligent design.”

After listening to Bure argument, Behar could not comprehend how this was possible. Thus, she asked Bure to explain further. Bure this time round was not able to defend creationism and a commercial break was called for by the co-host Whoopi Goldberg in an effort to help her organize her opinions.

After the break, Bure said that “I think I just want to make the point because it’s such a big conversation about science and intelligent design.”  She added, “But I believe that the two are not mutually exclusive. And Ben Carson is a man of science, he’s a doctor. I mean, he is a great and intelligent surgeon.” “And so, I think for you to say that because he does not believe in evolution, to dismiss him as a candidate or an intelligent candidate is just silly.”

Behar’s opinion concerning the subject matter was that anyone with knowledge of anthropology history or who has visited the Natural History Museum should without any doubts appreciate the existence of evolution. In her reply, Bure insisted that even in Creationism Museums there still exists counter arguments that challenge the evolution concept.

Presenter Candace Cameron Bure is Kirk Cameron‘s sister.


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