Swish!: NBA All-Star Steph Curry To Make Christian Movies

STEVE RHODES is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Stephen Curry has partnered with Sony for a movie deal.

Do you love Christian movies? Are you choosing Pureflix over Netflix? Are you eagerly anticipating the release of God Is Not Dead 4? Then you will be ecstatic to hear Steph Curry, two-time NBA MVP, has signed a deal with Sony to produce Christian-based content for television and film.

Curry has been known to incorporate his faith into his business ventures. He tried to have Bible verses on his basketball shoes with Under Armour. Curry has been a devout Christian and consistently credits his faith with his success on and off the court.

The film deal is between Curry’s media company Unanimous and Sony’s Affirm Films, their faith-based content division. Media companies are seizing upon opportunities to work with top-level NBA stars, like Kevin Durant and Lebron James.

During the NBA offseason Curry will work closely with Sony in developing ideas to enter into production. Already there are two projects in the works. The first is an animated movie about the Bible. The second is a successor to movie Wedding Crashers movie, with a jilted groom going to different churches to find his new wife. Curry has mentioned he would be interested in a cameo in Church Hoppers. With the success of movies like I Can Only Imagine and the possibility of tapping into Curry’s fan base, everyone evaluating the deal believes it will be a slam dunk.


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