What Is Scientology Search

Super Bowl Commercial Asks You to Discover Scientology

What Is Scientology Search

For the sixth year in a row, Scientology was part of the Super Bowl festivities.

The religion ran an ad regionally during one of the nation’s biggest sporting events asking the question “Curious?” The ad takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to the buzz surrounding the group’s beliefs and practices.

Super Bowl Commercial Asks You to Discover Scientology[/tweetthis]

The 30-second commercial begins with a close-up of a Google search for “What is Scientology?” then runs through a montage of the religion’s facilities, people taking pictures of their church on Hollywood Blvd, practices such as the much-talked about process of “auditing,” then ends with the words “curious” and a web link for visitors to find out more.

Also featured prominently in the commercial is the organization’s media facility on Sunset Blvd., Scientology Media Productions, which was officially opened in May 2016.

The Scientology Super Bowl Ad has become somewhat of a tradition. Previous themes include “Knowledge”, “Scientology—Spiritual Technology”, “Find the Truth”, “Who Am I?”, and last year’s “Your Full Potential.” A 2014 ranking by TIME Magazine even graded their commercial an A.

Reactions on Twitter criticized the decision to run a Scientology ad when ads from Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), Veterans Affairs (VA), AMVETS were rejected. However, WRN was unable to verify claims regarding FFRF or VA, so perhaps Twitter users were misinformed.

The church continued its expansion efforts in 2017, opening churches in New Zealand, America, Denmark, Ireland, England, the Netherlands and South Africa.


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