Scientology Curious Super Bowl Ad

Scientology’s 2019 Super Bowl Ad Asks “Curious?”

Scientology Curious Super Bowl Ad

The Super Bowl ad spot marks the religion’s seventh year advertising during the biggest NFL game of the year.

As it has for the last several years, the Church of Scientology airs a Super Bowl ad in local markets giving the audience a short glimpse into what the controversial religion is really about. Since the church debuted the ads in 2013, it has focused on spiritual technology, searching for answers, and finding one’s identity.

Scientology’s 2019 Super Bowl Ad Asks “Curious?”[/tweetthis]

This year the church’s Super Bowl ad spot highlighted the pinnacles of achievement one can reach by being curious about the world around them, including the power to defeat ignorance and intolerance. Taking a page out of last year’s Super Bowl ad, this year’s commercial ends with the same single word, “Curious?” and a link pointing towards their TV Network page,

It is important to note the ad’s mention of “ignorance and intolerance,” a hot button issue for a religion which is constantly defending themselves from media scrutiny. The Church of Scientology is not only making a statement about religious tolerance, but also religious freedom.

The ad is compelling as it is controversial, and the images succeed in stoking emotion for a religion that most people often have an opinion about, whether favorable or not.

The complete transcript of the Scientology Super Bowl ad is below:

It’s a force more powerful than armies… than walls of chains… than fear or bigotry or hate.

It has conquered land and sea. Vanquished ignorance and intolerance. And expanded our horizons.

It has driven the greatest minds in history to solve the mysteries of science and culture and religion.

It’s a fire burning within each of us with unlimited potential to take us further, push us higher and bring us closer to understanding the simple truths that bind us all.

The ‘Curiosity’ ad also garnered a response by the Super Bowl advertiser ‘Planters Peanuts’ social media team that generated a, pun intended, “salty” comment while drawing additional attention to the ad.


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