Is The Movie Thelma An Attack on Christianity

Is The New Movie ‘Thelma’ An Attack On Christianity?

Is The Movie Thelma An Attack on Christianity
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Christians have argued that Hollywood has a bias against their faith. These groups may extend their complaint to Europe with the release of the new movie Thelma, a Norwegian horror movie by Joachim Trier.

Is The New Movie ‘Thelma’ An Attack On Christianity?[/tweetthis]

The movie is about a university student, Thelma, played by Eili Harboe. She has had a sheltered life due to her overprotective, Christian fundamentalist parents. The movie details her coming out of her shell through a meeting another student, Anja, played by Kaya Wilkins. Not only does she engage in drinking, but begins to develop feelings and subsequently begin a relationship with Anja. This parallels the development of supernatural powers by Thelma, affecting her and the people around her.

How might the movie anger Christians? The parents in the movie are portrayed as slightly backward. Refusing to listen to their daughter’s arguments about creationism and hovering over her in a dysfunctional manner. One scene in the movie alludes to the fact that the parents are even following her social media accounts, asking probing questions about who she is spending her time with.

Like the 1976 movie Carrie, the parents could be inferred as the “monsters” of the movie, a catalyst for the isolation Thelma feels about her budding sexuality. Norway is a predominately Christian nation, with 71.5% of the population identifying as Christian. It is unclear if the movie is a direct attack on Christianity or about the feelings of isolation that children have growing up with their parents. In fact, the movie could be pro-Christian. It could be that Thelma moving away from her faith is the source of her powers, that may have a basis from demonic forces.


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