Pope Francis is “A Rebel For Jesus” Says Katy Perry

Katy Perry Gushes Over Pope Francis in ‘Vogue’ Interview

Pope Francis is “A Rebel For Jesus” Says Katy Perry
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The singer loves the pontiff’s frugal lifestyle.

Katy Perry admires Pope Francis[/tweetit] and is not shy to admit it during her interview with Vogue. The American singer met the pontiff briefly in person when she @HuffPostEnt

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Perry's mother has also prayed for her daughter to return to the faith. The singer said she never left God but became a little secular and materialistic. She also admitted to becoming more career driven. She has become more spiritual after she crossed into her 30s. On Easter Sunday, Perry shared a photograph on Instagram of an old tattoo on her wrist that reads "Jesus.” Only a few weeks post her announcement of preparing for a considerable "soul overhaul." She said that she is preparing to have her own family someday.

my brokenness + God’s Divinity = my wholeness ?

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