Justin Bieber Reportedly Breaks Ties with His Pastor, Carl Lentz

Abstaining from Sex Helped Justin Bieber Feel Closer to God

Justin Bieber
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Justin Bieber talks about his problems with drugs and sex.

Pop star Justin Bieber’s rise to fame started at the age of 13 which earned him millions of dollars every year. However, his success came with a lot of problems, which had a severe negative impact on his personal and professional life.

Abstaining from Sex Helped Justin Bieber Feel Closer to God[/tweetthis]

For over two years, Bieber hasn’t given a long interview, but he’s now opened up to Vogue about his struggles. The magazine asked several questions to him and Hailey Baldwin, his wife.

After discovering fame at a young age, problems such as sex and drug addiction followed. Justin talks about his promiscuity, along with how his mother taught him to treat women respectfully. When he started taking drugs, it made it difficult to enjoy being with the opposite sex, as it created a screen between himself and his experiences.

He also found that his early rise to fame got to him, as he started becoming a different person. He got involved in drug abuse, which changed the course of his life.

His drug use reached a point where security had to perform late-night checks to ensure the pop star was still alive.

All the problems in his personal life started to show in his professional career, as he had to cancel his Purpose Tour in 2017. As he was suffering from depression, he found it impossible to continue. He still doesn’t talk about his mental health issue, as he is still learning from it.

In 2014, Justin took a huge step in his personal life by detoxing from narcotics. He also decided to abstain from sex, for over a year, to get control of his actions. After meeting Hailey Baldwin, his life turned around completely.

He realized God brought Baldwin to his life because of all the positive changes he was making. He understood why God wants people to stay away from sex until marriage as the Supreme Being doesn’t want everyone to experience pain and hurt. Bieber believed experiencing the short thrill of premarital sex wasn’t good for his soul.

By rededicating his life to God, he was able to become a better individual. He decided to save himself for Hailey Baldwin, till they married last year. Even though the couple had several ups and downs in their relationship, they remain dedicated to each other and making their relationship last.


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