Sri Lanka Buddhist Meeting

Sri Lankan and Indian Buddhists Strengthen Cultural Bonds

Buddhist monks from Sri Lanka visited Indian Buddhists in New Delhi in a meeting to strengthen the cultural Read More

Muslim World Population

Pew Research: Will Islam Be the Largest Religion in…

A new Pew Forum report predicts that the international landscape will change drastically in the next few decades Read More

Rand Paul

Can Rand Paul Win Over the Religious Right?

Will Presidential hopeful Rand Paul's faith be enough to sway the religious conservatives in the Republican party? Senator Read More

John Travolta Going Clear

John Travolta Opens Up on “Beautiful” Experience with Scientology,…

Actor John Travolta gave an interview about his life as a Scientologist and calls out "disgruntled" former Scientologists Read More

Madison, Wisconsin Protects Atheists with New Law

Madison, Wisconsin is the first to add atheists to a list of protected classes for employment, housing, and other Read More

StarTalk: National Geographic Late-Night Talk Show with Neil deGrasse…

The hour long segment is based on his weekly podcast, StarTalk, and will share the name. The show Read More

Deborah Maynard will be the First Wiccan to give…

A Wiccan Priestess, Deborah Maynard, will deliver the invocation at an Iowa state legislature meeting early this month, Read More

Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen T Dorje

17th Karmapa Talks Love and Apathy at Harvard University

Buddhist leader 17th Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen T. Dorje visited the Harvard Divinity School where he discussed the value Read More

Religious Restrictions Pew

Where Does America Rank in terms of Religious Restrictions?

Pew Research conducted a study on religious restrictions worldwide. Where does America fall on the list? In their Read More

Indiana Cannabis Church

Indiana’s RFRA Paves Way for Church of Cannabis

Bill Levin has officially established the First Church of Cannabis after Indiana passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Read More