Presidential debate

U.S. President Joe Biden Hosts Reception to Celebrate Eid al-Fitr

On May 2 U.S. President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden hosted a reception in the East Room—the largest State Room of the

America a Christian Nation?

Is America a “Christian Nation?”

Our founders purposefully aligned our nation's foundation with the cornerstone of a biblical framework Are we really a "Christian nation," or has that claim

Religion in Europe vs. the U.S.: The Relationship between Education and Religiousness

Religion in modern society: how education level affects belief in religion. The 'secularization thesis' as propounded by sociologists suggests religion loses its stranglehold over

Nearly Every U.S. President Has Been Christian

Most presidents have been from the Episcopalian or Presbyterian churches. America’s new president Donald Trump is the nation’s ninth Presbyterian president. The nation has

Religious Freedom According to Major World Religions

How different religious groups feel about religious freedom. January 16 is Religious Freedom Day, a day when we celebrate the right to practice religion

David Aden Religious Freedom Day

On Thomas Jefferson’s Legacy and Religious Freedom Day

A Scientologist reflects on the importance of the freedom of religion and belief, its historic roots, and the responsibility of the individual to exercise

Smithsonian Gets First Religion Curator in Over 120 Years

Smithsonian Gets First Religion Curator in Over 120 Years

Peter Manseau is the first religion curator of the Smithsonian Institution since the 1890s. Religion and museums have always had a rough relationship. In

“Wake Up America”: Today is the National Day of Prayer

May 5, 2016 marks the 65th Annual National Day of Prayer. Today is the 65th Annual National Day of Prayer. Elected officials meet up

Watch Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson’s Sermon-Style Rant During Ted Cruz Rally

Phil Robertson preaches about everything from the Ten Commandments to STDs at Ted Cruz’s campaign rally in South Carolina. Phil Robertson, the patriarch of

In Indiana, The FFRF Displays a Nativity Scene that Features the Bill of Rights

Holiday displays outside an Indiana courthouse showcase both religious and secular symbols, including one Nativity scene celebrating the Bill of Rights. For five decades,