CAIR joins in Veteran's Day Parade

Tulsa’s Controversial Decision to Include Muslim Org CAIR in Veteran’s Day Parade

Tulsa has accepted a float from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), but residents question the organization's links to terrorism. The Council on American-Islamic

Pakistan’s Startling New Reveal On ISIS Attacks Against Christians

Pakistan's military has announced ISIS is about to stage wave of terrorist attacks against Christians. The Pakistani government through its armed forces announced that

911 NYC

How 9/11 Reshaped America’s Feelings on Religion

The 9/11 terrorist attack not only shook America's perception of its safety, but it also changed how Americans think about religion. The 9/11 terrorist

U.K. PM David Cameron Announces Plan to Counter Islamic Extremism

David Cameron announced one phase of the Islamic extremism plan which includes allowing parents to cancel their children’s passports if they think they may

Christians and Muslims are Working Together on the Battlefield in Iraq to Fight ISIS

“In battlefield you forget who you are, to which religion you belong... The only thing that you think of is how to defeat your

Charlie Hebdo Medics

Investigations Continue as World Supports Charlie Hebdo

Source: RT 12 dead and 4 critically injured in Wednesday terrorist attack at Charlie Hebdo satire magazine offices in France. Police investigations continue. In

JeSuis Charlie Times Square

Many Rise to Support the Victims in the Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack

Muslims and artists respond to the Charlie Hebdo attacks and condemn the atrocious act of terror proving free speech will prevail. On January 7th,

Isis in Iraq.

POLL: ISIS Invades Iraq – Do You Think This Is A War Of Religion?

As the Islamic fundamentalist terrorist group ISIS continues it's murderous onslaught to takeover the nation of Iraq, the Telegraph's Damian Thompson attempts to weave

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey Remembers Kristallnacht With Emotional 75th Anniversary Worship Service

This past weekend, November 9 and 10, marked the 75th anniversary of the attacks of Nazi troops on Jews in Hitler's Germany and areas

Jain Oshwal Center in Nairobi, Kenya

Jain Community Comes to the Aid of Westgate Mall Attack Victims

The Jain Oshwal Community Center in Nairobi, Kenya, was the site of volunteer relief efforts after the Westgate Mall attacks When a jihadist commando