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Coach Who Lost Job for On-Field Prayer Takes a Knee Once More After Years of Legal Struggles

A high school football assistant coach who had been dismissed for quietly offering a brief prayer following football games has returned to the field

Want to Worship? Show Me Your Papers! by Charles Franklin

We have seen government abandon the First Amendment protections of religious liberty to tell people of faith they must toss out their long-held beliefs

Religious Liberty Under Attack and into Focus By Charles Franklin

One might suppose that religious liberty in the United States, would – like granite cliffs – withstand any ocean storm of legal assaults. It


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Biden Would Revoke Muslim Ban, Virtual Chaplains Help Oncology Patients, Dangerous Shinto Celebrations, Jewish History in Europe, Latest Supreme Court Ruling Goes Against Church,

New Hagia Sophia Secrets Come to Light

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Hagia Sophia Returns to a Mosque? Chinese Communists Destroy Buddhist Temple and Christian Crosses, SCOTUS Changes the Playing Field, Nelson Mandela: Difference between Tolerance

Trump's budget plan seeks $1 billion in taxpayer’s funds for private religious schools

Breaking News: Supreme Court Strikes Down Restriction on Religious School Funding

Montana had a program whereby individuals received a tax credit for donations to organizations providing scholarships for private schools. But the state specifically excluded

Why Orthodox Judaism Is Becoming More Influential On Millennials

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Protecting Church from State, Russia's Military Cathedral, Hindu Temple for Islamabad, Selling Judaism, Faith-Based Foster Care, Protesters Topple Statue of Saint Junipero Serra, Hajj

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Bostock Case Gives LGBTQ a Win; Southern Poverty Law Center Labels Christians as Hate Groups; Sikh Woman Graduates from West Point; Baptists Sue Over

By Bernard Gagnon - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

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Photos: Greek Monasteries Built on Rock Spires Meteora – which means “suspended in the air” are Greek rock formations upon which Eastern Orthodox monasteries

You Don’t Have to be a Supreme Court Justice to See a Thumb on the Scales By Charles Franklin

For those rational individuals who thought that the First Amendment kept government out of religious affairs, assured the people’s right to worship as they