Rio Olympics will Provide Multi-faith Spaces for Athletes to Encourage ‘Brotherhood Between Religions’

2016 Rio Olympics welcomes all religions with their prayer spaces. The Olympic Games sees one of the biggest gatherings of people from all over

Do You Know Why the Baha’i Faith Do Not Have Clergy?

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LDS Church Educational System will Bring Education to Members Around the World

LDS Education Initiative to provide educational opportunities to members around the globe. Elder Kim Bryce Clark, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’

MuslimGirl Teams Up with Teen Vogue to Dispel Misconceptions of Islam

MuslimGirl joined forces with Teen Vogue to tell what life is like for a Muslim girl in today's society. MuslimGirl was launched by a

Prime Minister of Japan will Take G7 Leaders to the Renowned Shinto Shrine at Ise

Shinzo Abe and G7 leaders will visit the Ise Shrine during summit being held in Japan this week. Japan is all set to host

Keith Wommack - Addiction

How You Can Beat Addiction Through Spiritual Understanding

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Religion of Alice Cooper: “Every Word of the Bible is True”

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How Christianity Influenced Will Smith in ‘Concussion’ Movie

Will Smith says grandma's Christian faith helped prepare him for his role in 'Concussion.' Will Smith, the A -list actor in the Hollywood film