Yoido Full Gospel Church

Houses of Worship: Yoido Full Gospel Church

Seoul, the capital of South Korea or the “Great People's Nation” as its name translates in English, is home to almost 10 million people

South Korea Makes Historic Change To Protect Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses Will Now Be Exempt from Military Service Act in South Korea

Constitutional Court Allows Jehovah’s Witnesses To Avoid Military Service A momentous change has occurred in South Korea. The South Korean Constitutional Court has ruled

South Korea May Stop Jailing Jehovah's Witnesses

South Korea May Stop Jailing Jehovah’s Witnesses

Constitutional Court Could Overturn Law on Refusing Military Service South Korea’s Constitutional Court is potentially making a historic change. The court will rule on

North Koreans in LA Find Comfort in Christianity

North Koreans in LA Find Comfort in Christianity

North Koreans find spiritually and comfort North Koreans who immigrate to the United States more often than not settle in localities with large Korean

In ‘State of the World’ Speech Pope Francis Pushes for Nuclear Ban

The pontiff expressed concern about fundamental human rights violations. Pope Francis, during his annual “State of the World” speech he asked all nations to

Muslim Figure Skater Wants to Inspire Women Around the World

Muslim Figure Skater Wants to Inspire Women Around the World

Figure skater Zahra Lari, who has her eyes set on the 2018 Olympics, hopes her story inspires all young women to reach for their

Pomnyum Sunim South Korean Buddhist Monk

How One Buddhist Monk Devoted His Life to North Koreans

Pomnyum Sunim is a South Korean Buddhist monk who has devoted his life to rescuing the North Korean people and promoting peace between the

Pope Francis Asia Recap

Pope Francis Hopes to Improve Asian-Catholic Relations

by Krista R. Burdine and Emily Murdoch Pope Francis’ visit to South Korea highlighted the Catholic Church’s weak presence in Asia and the Vatican's

Pope Francis South Korea

Pope Francis’ visit to South Korea: Everything You Need to Know

Pope Francis wins the hearts and minds of Koreans during his first trip to Asia with humility, English, and prayer. In his first official

Pope Francis Seoul South Korea

South Korea Welcomes Pope Francis; N. Korea Tests Artillery [Video]

South Korea welcomes Pope Francis who promotes peace on his first stop of his Asian tour while North Korea launches test missiles. Pope Francis