Gate Shinto Shrine At Yashima Ji Kagawa Japan

The Gifts of Shintoism

Life is everywhere, say the followers of Shinto. The sanctified and blessed may be found in animals, in plants, as well as in things


Religious News From Around the Web July 27, 2020

Biden Would Revoke Muslim Ban, Virtual Chaplains Help Oncology Patients, Dangerous Shinto Celebrations, Jewish History in Europe, Latest Supreme Court Ruling Goes Against Church,

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Japanese Emperor Performs Shinto Ceremony Amid Controversy Japanese Emperor Naruhito performed the Daijosai, an ancient Shinto ceremony said to transform the emperor by joining

10 Biggest Controversial Religious Sites

These religious locations around the world cause tension and conflict. 1. Western Wall This wall, located near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, is historically

Praying to Shinto “Sports Gods” For Success

Praying to Shinto “Sports Gods” For Success

How Shinto Shrines Are a Normal Part of Preparation for the Big Game People have all sort of rituals for preparing for important sporting

Bizarre Murder-Suicide of Shinto Priestess

Tragedy struck in Japan as Nagako Tomioka, chief priestess of the Tomioka Hachimangu shrine in Tokyo was killed. While homicide is generally rare in

Shinto hiring male maiden

Male Maiden at Shinto Temple?

The lack of punctuation resulted in this hilarious error Japanese social media went aflutter when one person posted a photo of a large poster

A Shinto Priest Explains Basic Concepts of the Religion

Shinto Priest Taishi Kato explains the "way of kami." As long as human beings have walked the surface of the earth, they have attempted

Niiame Sai

Japan Celebrates Shinto Holiday Niiname Sai – “Celebrations of the First Taste”

Japanese thanksgiving, Niiname Sai, gives thanks to the Kami who provides the elements of nature that provide the fall harvest. In Japanese culture, Shinto's

How to Honor this Ancient Japanese Religion With Your Socks

Ancient Kitsune fox spirit knee high socks are Shinto-chic. Japan is famous for its cultural exports that have caught fire in the rest of