Breaking Free of the Evangelical 'Purity' Movement

Breaking Free of the Evangelical ‘Purity’ Movement

Author Linda Kay Klein spent her formative years in a repressive church environment God is omnipresent. Among all his duties, he makes it a

Human Evolution Exhibit Covered to Avoid Offending Ultra-Orthodox Jews

Human Evolution Exhibit Censored to Avoid Offending Ultra-Orthodox Jews

Jerusalem museum censors exhibit Authorities of Jerusalem's Natural History Museum frequently covers their human evolution exhibit under a sheet to keep the ultra-Orthodox visitors

See What it’s Like Being Muslim and Gay

Photographers take portraits to share the stories of gay muslims. Lia Darjes is neither gay nor Muslim. She had to persuade many gay Muslims

Gay Christian Rocker Trey Pearson Says Coming Out is “Freeing”

Trey Pearson of Every Sunday publicly comes out as gay and describes his struggle. Trey Pearson, a Christian rock star, in a letter to

Christian Author Reverses Stance; Expresses Solidarity with LGBT Community

Jen Hatmaker sending out some Christian love to the LGBT In 2014, World Vision International, an Evangelical Christian humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organization,

David Bowie’s Religion and Religious Beliefs

Reflections on David Bowie’s thoughts about religion and its influence on his music; Religious leaders and musicians react to his death. British musician David

Some Colleges Can Actually Deny Applicants Based on Sexuality

Educational institutions are applying for permission to discriminate against students. Education teaches that all humans are equal. Yet, it seems that one would need

Sacred Sperm

‘Sacred Sperm’ Discusses the Taboo Topic of Masturbation

Ori Gruder is a filmmaker and Orthodox Jew whose documentary Sacred Sperm explores the taboo of self pleasure. How does an intelligent, educated person