As It Turns Out, Anti-Atheist Stereotypes Aren’t True

As It Turns Out, Anti-Atheist Stereotypes Aren’t True

Understanding Unbelief: Research presented at the Vatican Research regarding atheist individuals was presented at the Vatican, and it revealed that the religious community's ideas

Research Finds Around the World Actively Religious People are Happier

Research Finds People Who Are Active in Religion Are Happier

The strength of the link between health and religion varies all over the world. As per an analysis of data extracted from a new

Why do people choose to be a religious “none”?

New study gives deeper insight into non-religious Americans Pew Research Center conducted a study to understand why a portion of Americans don’t affiliate themselves

U.S. Warming Up to Different Religious Groups and Even Atheists

Americans are warming up to different religions. Americans are now more open to different religious groups compared to a few years before. Studies conducted

Religion in America Valued at Over $1 Trillion Dollars by Study

The study findings point to American religion as having one of the world's biggest economic turnovers annually. If America's religious scene could be turned

Does this Video Suggest Monkeys Believe in God?

Does this Video Suggest Monkeys Believe in God?

Video footage suggests chimpanzees may believe in a higher power. Scientists have recently made a potentially revolutionary advance in biological research with video footage

Buddha Statue

Do You Want Religion AND Tolerance? Try Buddhism

These days, religion often gets associated with attitudes of discrimination; however, studies find Buddhism is exceptional at promoting tolerance. There have been numerous studies

Religion and Wealth

Did Wealth Create Modern Religion?

A new study indicates a correlation between wealth and religion. A study published in the research journal Current Biology on December 11, 2014 has hinted

Leaving Religion

New Study Shows Leaving Religion Might Harm Health

Can leaving religion cause more than just spiritual harm? A new study finds it may cause seriously adverse health effects on the mind and

PEW Report: How Americans Feel About Religious Groups

Jews, Catholics & Evangelicals Rated Warmly, Atheists and Muslims More Coldly This piece originally appeared on Jews, Catholics and evangelical Christians are viewed