Study Shows Almost Half of All Americans are not Concerned with a Candidate’s Religion

Study Shows Almost Half of All Americans Don’t Care About a Candidate’s Religion

Roughly 10 percent of voters do not believe in a higher power The results of a poll conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for

Tennessee Requires Schools To Post “In God We Trust”

Tennessee Requires Schools To Post “In God We Trust”

Opponents Argue Violates Separation Of Church And State Tenessee State House passed the bill requiring the state's public schools to put up “In God

MTV/PRRI Study Reveals a U.S. Religious Realignment

MTV/PRRI Study Reveals a U.S. Religious Realignment

Politics is the bedrock of such a realignment A study conducted by MTV and PRRI on 2,000 Americans aged between 15 and 24 years

Democrats Johnson Amendment

Johnson Amendment Not Included in Final Tax Bill

Democrats used Byrd Rule to stop the repeal The Johnson Amendment was kept in its place by Democrat members of the Senate.[/tweetit] The Amendment

Will The Next Tax Bill Lead To Sham Churches?

Will The Tax Bill Lead to “Sham Churches”?

Provisions in the Bill Create Loopholes for Economic Exploitation The tax bill passed on Friday. While many opponents of the bill are attacking it

Misplaced Faith: Examining Evangelical Voter Support for Donald Trump

As we approach the first anniversary of the 2016 election, evangelical support for Donald Trump is almost 88%. Amid the vulgarity and recklessness that

Sharp Partisanship Over Religion in America

Democrats and Republicans differ sharply in their views. A Pew Research Center survey discovered a strident partisan outlook on a number of national institutions

How Political is Your Pastor? Very, a New Study Shows

A new study examines the political leanings of religious leaders. Does church influence your politics or do you seek a house of worship that

What Is the Religious Breakdown of the New Congress?

The 115th Congress is predominantly Christian. Even though the number of American adults who describe themselves as Christians has declined over the years, the

Are Republicans Wasting Time on Evangelical Vote When Focus Should be on Nones?

Should Republicans be more concerned about winning over the nones in the 2016 election than Evangelicals? Republicans have a one-track approach to presidential polls.