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Reading the Word

A new study by Lifeway Research, a nonprofit that assists and equips church leaders with insights and advice to improve the health of their

Church prayer

Does Religion Nudge Us Toward Virtue? And Does it Work?

Does being religious make us behave more morally has long been debated. Of interest to psychologists and philosophers, according to one scholar it really

What Do Americans Know About World Religions?

Religious News From Around the Web May 11, 2020

Study Other Faiths, Worship Resumes, SCOTUS Update, Iran Thanks Zoroastrians, Sikhs Help, Samaritan's Purse Hit Again, Methodist Split Delayed, Everyone is Our Mother How

Tad Reeves Christmas

The Day-to-Day Life of a Scientologist

Tad Reeves of Scientology Parent answers a question he is often asked: how does the life of a Scientologist compare to the way members