Are Republicans Wasting Time on Evangelical Vote When Focus Should be on Nones?

Should Republicans be more concerned about winning over the nones in the 2016 election than Evangelicals? Republicans have a one-track approach to presidential polls.

Pope vs. Trump

The Donald Trump VS. Pope Francis Battle Explained

Donald Trump fired back at Pope Francis after he implied the presidential candidate was not Christian. When Pope Francis is asked by a reporter

Hecklers Attempt Exorcism on Ted Cruz

An exorcism on Ted Cruz in New Hampshire was attempted by two hecklers. Two hecklers armed with a wooden cross and mirrors interrupted a

Bernie Sanders is First Jewish American to Win a Presidential Primary

Sanders made history by becoming the first non-Christian to win a state in a presidential primary. History was made when Senator Bernie Sanders, an

The Atheist Who Asks Presidential Candidates About their Faith

Atheist Justin Scott is making sure atheists have a voice in the Iowa caucuses. Almost all presidential candidates in Iowa showed their religiosity. Donald

Marco Rubio Slams Obama’s Speech On Fighting Islamophobia

Obama aims to divide the American population for votes, says Rubio Senator Marco Rubio, presidential hopeful from the Republican Party, has criticized President Barack

51% of Americans Do Not Want an Atheist President

New Pew Research Center Survey on Faith and the 2016 Presidential Campaign GOP Candidates Seen As Religious – Except for Trump WASHINGTON, D.C. (Jan.

Imam invites Trump to America’s Oldest Mosque

Trump invited to discuss his plans and philosophy at Mother Mosque of America. Donald Trump was invited by Taha Tawil to, the Imam of

Donald Trump’s Questionable Relationship with the Bible

A Bible waving Trump raises questions about his true beliefs. Religion has noticeably been one of the focal points of the current GOP presidential

First Trump Commercial Focuses on ISIS and Muslim Ban

The Donald Trump commercial contains dark images of the Muslim San Bernardino shooters, explosions and body bags. Donald Trump, the divisive Republican presidential candidate,