How Bibles Are Smuggled Into North Korea

Religious News from Around the Web July 20, 2020

Uighurs under China Suppression, Governor Orders Churches Closed, Bibles Ballooned Into North Korea, Vatican Issues Sex Abuse Reporting Guide, The Talmud and the Cancel

New Hagia Sophia Secrets Come to Light

Religious News From Around the Web July 6, 2020

Hagia Sophia Returns to a Mosque? Chinese Communists Destroy Buddhist Temple and Christian Crosses, SCOTUS Changes the Playing Field, Nelson Mandela: Difference between Tolerance

Religious News From Around the Web June 22, 2020

Bostock Case Gives LGBTQ a Win; Southern Poverty Law Center Labels Christians as Hate Groups; Sikh Woman Graduates from West Point; Baptists Sue Over

By Bernard Gagnon - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Religious News From Around the Web June 15, 2020

Photos: Greek Monasteries Built on Rock Spires Meteora – which means “suspended in the air” are Greek rock formations upon which Eastern Orthodox monasteries

Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn

Religious News From Around the Web May 4 2020

India Joins 13 Other Violators of Religious Liberty The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom on April 28th released its 2020 Annual Report,

Religious News From Around the Web April 20, 2020

Easter Bathtub Broadcast, Virus Unites Church, Bible in Politics? Religions “Nonessential,” SCOTUS Religious Cases by Telephone, Zoom-Bombing, Atheists Win School Prayer Suit, Dalai Lama

Religious News from Around the Web April 13, 2020

COVID-19 and Religious Freedom, Sikhs Risk Safety to Help, Worldwide Fast for Healing, Latter-day Saints Open Temples in Unexpected Places, Children’s Medical Data to

Churches Say: “You’re not the Boss of Me!”

Pastor Jon Duncan of the Cross Culture Christian Center in Lodi, Calif., has been ordered by the San Joaquin County Department of Health to

Religious News from Around the Web March 23, 2020

Coronavirus Vaccine, Drive-in Church, Government Shuts Down Religious Services, Chinese Destroy Churches, Samaritan’s Purse, Sikhs Help, Justice Delayed, Religion Survey Israelis Say Coronavirus Vaccine

Religious News From Around the Web March 16, 2020

Covid-19 Coronavirus, Faith Goes Virtual, Celebrated Religious Gatherings, Health-Care Sharing Ministries, China Tightens Control of Religion California Says Health Care Sharing Ministries “Misleading” The