The Forbidden Month: A Look At The History and Celebrations of the Islamic Muharram

The 10 days of Muharram, a Muslim holiday, are explored. Muharram is an important month for Muslims as it signifies the start of their

Why the Sharia Law Is So Dangerous for Our World

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Why Prophet Muhammad Is Very Dear and Important For Muslims

Muhammad has had significant contributions, not only for Muslims, but to all mankind. Every Muslim in his/her entire life will try to have a

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Garland Texas Shooting

What We Know About the Texas Muhammad Cartoon Attack

Yesterday evening, two men attacked a Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas, shooting a guard. The attackers died after the police returned fire. The shooting

Day of Ashura

Winter Holiday Series: Day of Ashura, November 14

Muslims perform mourning rituals in the street to mark martyrdom of Prophet Muhammad's son The Day of Ashura is an important day for Muslims.