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Chinese Catholics Occupy Church to Prevent Demolition Priests and parishioners have locked themselves inside a Catholic Church in the Hebei province of China to

Jews Protesting Amazon’s Business with ICE Arrested

Jews Protesting Amazon’s Business with ICE Arrested

40 Jews were arrested in New York protesting Amazon. A protest of Amazon's work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) saw forty Jews arrested[/tweetit]

Hobby Lobby Returning Thousands of Stolen Artifacts

Hobby Lobby Returned Thousands of Stolen Artifacts

Approximately 3,800 artifacts were stolen from Iraq. The U.S. Justice Department announced thousands of priceless artifacts of Iraqi origin which were stolen and smuggled

Chaldean Christians in Detroit Terrified of Being Sent Back to Iraq Where They’re an ISIS Target

Mass arrests send waves of terror among community members who escaped to the US hoping to lead peaceful lives Iraqi Christians are terrified by