Atheist Prayers City Council Meetings

Should Atheist Prayers Lead City Council Meetings?

In light of a recent Supreme Court decision, some are leading campaigns to hold Atheist prayers at the start of city council meetings. In

Blake Kirk Wiccan

Do Wiccans have Freedom of Religion?

Priest denied ability to lead prayer at local City Council meeting plans to prove Wiccans have freedom of religion. Less than a month after the Supreme

Wiccan Prayer Meetings

Wiccan Prayers Before Government Meetings a Possible Result of Recent SCOTUS Ruling?

Cynthia Simpson will use the recent Supreme Court ruling in Greece v Galloway to re-ignite her case to allow her Wiccan prayers before local

Justice Clarence Thomas

Justice Clarence Thomas Believes First Amendment Does Not Apply to State Governments

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Supports State Right to Recognize Religion Justice Clarence Thomas has rocked a few boats in the wake of the