U.S. Church Membership Plummets to All-Time Low

U.S. Church Membership Plummets to All-Time Low

Study indicates these numbers may drop further in the future. In a poll about church attendance and religious affiliation in the country, it was

Gallup: U.S. Catholics Question Leaving the Church

Gallup: U.S. Catholics Question Leaving the Church

The number of exit thinkers is at least 10 percent more than 2002. The results of a new Gallup poll published yesterday reveal an

Just Over Half of Americans Still Think Religion Will Solve Your Problems

The belief in religion's ability to solve problems has declined but is now stable, hovering just above 50%. The results gleaned from Gallup’s poll

Another Study Confirms Christianity is Fading in America

Christianity is still the majority religion in America, but it continues to decline in popularity. A recent Gallup poll has revealed that one among

Pope and Trump are Tied for Second Most Admirable Men of 2015

Donald Trump and Pope Francis Tied for Second Most Admired Men in Gallup's Top 10. The most admired woman and man in the world,

57% of Americans Still Think Religion Can Solve Today’s Problems, But Faithful are Declining

As religiosity has lowered, so has the amount of Americans who feel that religion can fix the problems plaguing the world. A recently published

Majority of Americans Are Ready For a Muslim President, Including Catholics

The highest acceptance rate is among adults who profess no religion, but the majority of Catholics polled are also on board. On average 60

Catholics are on the decline in Latin America as the population turns to Atheism

A Pew Research Center poll carried out in November 2014 has shown that out of the total 390 million people on the continent, the

Gallup poll: U.S witnesses lowest levels of satisfaction with religion since 2001

A slight majority of Americans are satisfied with the influence of organized religion in the U.S., according to a Gallup poll. The level of satisfaction

Non-Christians Believe In Bible

Non-Christians Believe in the Bible? What?

The results of the 2014 Gallup Values and Beliefs poll have been released, and the non-Christians answers to at least one question has raised a few eyebrows.