UK Politicians Want To Ban Franklin Graham

UK Politicians Want To Ban Evangelical Franklin Graham

Graham is Coming For A Speech, accused of spreading hate A number of United Kingdom Members of Parliament, along with many individuals in civil

Athletes Stop Thanking God After Winning

Athletes Should Stop Thanking God After Winning

Focus on the game, not your faith. I want to expose a travesty going on in professional sports. No, I don’t mean players taking

Mike Pence Has Special Rule About Women

Vice President Pence Has A Special Rule About Meeting Women

Follows Lesson From Evangelical Preacher Billy Graham When allegations began to surface about the sexual misconduct of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, some suggested the


Does Religion Support Child Brides?

The Roy Moore Scandal Is Another Example of Religious Support for Child Abuse The Roy Moore scandal has created some odd defenders. In particular,

Church Clarity Wants To Rate Church's Stance On LGBT

Church Clarity Wants to Rank Churches by their Stance on LGBT Policies

Organization Will Rate Churches Around The Country On Their Views A new organization called Church Clarity, whose website was launched just recently on October

Research Shows Historic Losses For Evangelicals In United States

What is Making Young Evangelical Christians Leave?

New Research Shows Historic Decrease in Number of People Calling Themselves Evangelicals A PRRI poll is demonstrating new trends in the changing landscape of

Trump’s New Ban Unlocks Religious Anger and Praise

Leaders on Media Condemn and Applaud There has been a vocal response to President Trump’s Tweet that he will be banning transgender people from

Two-Thirds of Evangelicals Think That Muslims Don’t Belong in America

US Muslims are apprehensive about Islamic extremism in the U.S. As U.S. society slowly goes secular, a report published by the Pew Research Center

Evangelists at Redeemer Presbyterian Preaching to Skeptics in N.Y.C.

Evangelists at Redeemer Presbyterian Preaching to Skeptics in N.Y.C.

Evangelists are preaching the gospel to skeptics in N.Y.C. For an evangelist, seeking converts among vocal atheists can be quite a challenge. Such efforts

Are Republicans Wasting Time on Evangelical Vote When Focus Should be on Nones?

Should Republicans be more concerned about winning over the nones in the 2016 election than Evangelicals? Republicans have a one-track approach to presidential polls.