Trump: Love Is In The Air, But No Endorsement From Black Pastors

Trump and black pastors disagree on what happened in their meeting, but Trump said there was "love." It appeared at first to be an

Trump Would Create National Database of Muslims if Elected

Trump would implement a monitoring system to track all Muslim activities in the U.S. Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, has publicly proclaimed his

Patriotic American Muslim Keeps Her Cool Battling Mosque Myths

“Megyn, we go there to pray,” Saba Ahmed replies to closing of U.S. Mosques on the 'Kelly File.' On The Kelly File Tuesday night,

“Shameful”: Obama’s Reply to the Republican Denial of Refugees

Political leaders are resistant to accept refugees into America, while Obama says discriminating based on religion is "shameful." Donald Trump responds: "Is our president

Starbucks Christmas Cups

Christians are Furious About Starbucks’ Red Cups While Others Say #ItsJustACup

Facebooking The 'War on Christmas': Are you Team #MERRYCHRISTMASSTARBUCKS or Team #ItsJustACup? A few people have expressed outrage over the new holiday cups being

Never fear, the Trump is here. You want Christmas? You Got it!

If Trump is elected, he promises to fight to bring the word Christmas back into mainstream marketing campaigns to protect the interest of Christians.

Speeches by Pope Francis Will Have to Be Translated into English During U.S. Trip

Argentine Pope will deliver the majority of his speeches in Spanish because he is most comfortable speaking his native language. Pope Francis is ready

Barack Obama Religion

Americans Are Still Unsure of Obama’s Religion

CNN survey shows two points about Obama, his religion and birthplace, are still questionable to Americans. Even as President Obama is nearing the end

Biggest Difference Between Carson and Trump? Carson Doesn’t Deny His Religion

Carson's jab at Trump's religion might rock support for the outspoken candidate. On Wednesday night, Ben Carson finally made his own jab towards Trump,

How Christian is Donald Trump? Recent Comments Have Spectators Questioning His Faith

Trump seems to have difficulty convincing religious groups that he is living a true Christian life. Certainly the most interesting and intriguing personality in