Holiday Gift Ideas Across Various Religions, By Alexandra Rogers

There is much to dislike about the secular holiday season. In many cases, gifting now has the burden of obligation, of a required ritual,

Hanukkah Dreidel Game

The Dreidel Game May Be Judaism’s Greatest Irony

Hanukkah celebrates overcoming European assimilation with Jewish culture, but one of its most popular symbols, the dreidel, may have roots in Europe. Dreidel is

Lighting the Menorah

Hanukkah: The Story of the Lighting of the Menorah

The Menorah is a very important piece of Jewish history and tradition, and it has a miraculous story behind it. The Menorah is at

Happy Hanukkah: Snow Covered Chanukah Menorah

Winter Holiday Series: Hanukkah

Hanukkah, also known as the both the Feast of Dedications and the Festival of Lights, is a well known holiday in the Jewish religion.