2nd Century C.E. Painting Discovered Depicts Jesus Different Than Western Perceptions

2nd Century C.E. Painting Shows Jesus Looks Much Different than Westerners Think

The popular Western perception of Christ's image bears Graeco-Roman influence. The Shivta ruins in Israel depict Jesus Christ much different from the image popular

St. Nicholas church put on hold

Reconstruction of Greek Orthodox Church Smashed in 9/11 Put on Hold

Skanska USA has cited non-payment of dues Rising costs and donation mismanagement have halted the construction of the Greek Orthodox church[/tweetit] which is slated

Menorah and Cross Engravings from the Time of Jesus Discovered

Hikers find 2,100-year-old etched cross and menorah symbols in Judean foothills Right after the New Year celebration, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced the