UN Rules France’s ‘Burqa Ban’ is a Violation of Muslim Women’s Rights

UN Rules France’s ‘Burqa Ban’ is a Violation of Muslim Women’s Rights

France has 180 days to answer The United Nations Human Rights Committee has ruled that France's prohibition laws concerning the wearing of the niqab

After Being Attacked, Muslim Woman Becomes the First Fined for Wearing Burqa

Danish "Burqa Ban" came into effect on August 1 Denmark's new law banning full-face veils as per Islamic tradition netted its first prosecution.[/tweetit] A 28-year-old

Danish burqa ban comes into effect amid protests

Denmark follows a number of European countries on this subject The Danish “Burqa Ban” came into effect on August 1, the culmination of multiple

Denmark's Burka Ban Should Scare All Religions

Denmark’s Burka Ban Should Scare All Religions

How Denmark's New Law Could Lead To Universal Religious Discrimination Christians and conservative groups are praising Denmark’s recent law that would ban the Burka

Quebec Bans Burqa

Quebec Bans Face Coverings in Public

Critics Call It Religious Discrimination Quebec, a province of Canada, has passed an all-encompassing ban on all face coverings. This law prohibits everyone from

Next Met Gala Will Have “Fashion and Religion” Theme

The Met Gala is one event which everyone in the fashion industry looks forward to. Every year the Met Gala's guest list makes headlines

Religion is Playing a Role in France’s Presidential Election

Religion enters into secular France's election for president. Although France has always followed a strict policy of state and religion separation, the current political

EU Headscarf Ban in the Workplace is Facing Backlash

EU grants workplaces the ability to ban the headscarf as a religious symbol. The European Union made a historic ruling that companies in Europe

Sellers Ordered to Stop Selling Burqas in Morocco

Moroccan government aims at stepping up national security by banning the full veil; hijabs still allowed. The government of Morocco has taken its fight

French Women’s Rights Minister and YSL Designer Says Labels Who Cater to Muslim Women Are Promoting “Enslavement”

Yves Saint Laurent co-founder asks big brands to make Muslim women more beautiful by giving them their freedom. Pierre Berge claims that he is