Ben Carson Wants You To Think This Is Genuine Proof America Is Christian

Ben Carson is using "In God We Trust" to push his agenda that America has a national religion: Christianity. The Republican presidential candidate is

Ben Carson Says Rewrite the Koran and… What? All is Good?

Ben Carson’s thoughts about having a Muslim president were clarified in an interview Sunday on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. 2016 Republican presidential candidate

Ben Carson Says Muslims Shouldn’t Be President

During a Meet the Press  interview, Ben Carson says he "would not advocate" a Muslim American president. In a presidential campaign that has been

Biggest Difference Between Carson and Trump? Carson Doesn’t Deny His Religion

Carson's jab at Trump's religion might rock support for the outspoken candidate. On Wednesday night, Ben Carson finally made his own jab towards Trump,

Ben Carson

Ben Carson Proposes Bible-Inspired Tax Plan

Ben Carson appeared on Fox News describing his flat-tax plan which he admits was inspired by the biblical concept of tithing. Republican presidential candidate

Ben Carson

Ben Carson Uses Religion to Separate Science from Propaganda

Presidential hopeful Ben Carson claims he uses religion to distinguish science from propaganda. The Sunday morning political talk shows have once again produced a gem from