Trump's Plan to Shield Employers from Doing Things against their Religion

Trump’s Plan to Shield Employers from Doing Things Against their Religion

Obama-era restrictions are being scaled back Health care workers who will not perform their duties due to personal religious objections will now presumably be

Speculation Mounting in Alabama Senate Race – Abortion, Black Christians

It helps Republicans that Alabama is a conservative state. Outside Alabama, the key issue being discussed in the Alabama senate race is the allegations

Donald Trump

Democrats Not Invited to White House Hanukkah Party

Only Jews supporting President Trump policies were invited President Donald J. Trump of the United States intentionally did not invite any Jewish Congressional Democrats

Dalai Lama and Obama meet

Dalai Lama Meets Barack Obama in India to Discuss World Peace

The Tibetan spiritual head had earlier expressed reservations about the selfish US under Donald Trump. Dalai Lama, exiled spiritual leader of Tibet, met Barack

Pope Francis Calls Out Inequality in Healthcare

Healthcare inequality is more pronounced in wealthier countries. Pope Francis in strong terms condemned on November 16 the prevailing inequality pertaining to healthcare[/tweetit] in

Birth control on religious campus

Birth Control Being Limited on Religious College Campuses

Students are unsure about participating in protests Birth control coverage is yet another stress factor in a student's life.[/tweetit] The President Donald J. Trump-led

Muslim Millennials in the U.S.

Examining Muslim Millennials in the United States

About 52 percent of American Muslims were born on foreign soil A Pew Research Center study released on October 26 found that the American

Obama Called “Most Jewish President Ever” Trump Least

Obama sees the American Jewish history as a universal fight for human rights and dignity. David Litt said former U.S. President Barack Obama was

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Religious Leaders React to DACA

Termination of the program have been opposed by members sitting on both sides of the political divide President Donald Trump announced on September 5,

Faith in Recovery Part 6

Faith in Recovery Pt. 6: Should the Government Fund Faith-Based Rehabs?

The Supreme Court ruled in 2000 the government can directly fund religious groups, as long as the money is used for secular programs. “The