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Religious Groups Applaud CNN for Dropping ‘Believer’ Host Reza Aslan

Reza Aslan's angry Trump tweet did what no protesting religious group was able to do, remove him and the show from the CNN lineup.

Smithsonian Gets First Religion Curator in Over 120 Years

Smithsonian Gets First Religion Curator in Over 120 Years

Peter Manseau is the first religion curator of the Smithsonian Institution since the 1890s. Religion and museums have always had a rough relationship. In

Richard Dawkins Still Says Religion is a “Force of Evil,” Even After Stroke

Richard Dawkins says religion is a 'force of evil' on BBC's Sunday Morning Live. It is believed that religion was established for the betterment

Does GoFundMe Have A Bias Against Religious Beliefs?

What does it mean when one of the top crowdfunding platforms chooses to not provide service to Christians who chose not to provide service

Canada Closes Their Office of Religious Freedom

Canada Closes Their Office of Religious Freedom

New government leaders shut down Canada's Office of Religious Freedom and are facing backlash. Following a parliamentary ruling after a voting session on March

Vatican denounce Charlie Hebdo cover

Vatican Denounces New Charlie Hebdo Cover

In response to the new Charlie Hebdo cover art, the Vatican says all faiths must be respected. L’Osservatore Romano, the newspaper run by the

Barkanov Jailed

Man Who Threatened to Kill Scientology Leader Being Held in Los Angeles Jail

An Illinois man has been charged with threatening to shoot Scientology Leader David Miscavige. Andre Barkanov, a 47-year-old resident of Illinois, was arrested and

What is the Problem with New Atheism?

How New Atheism can be saved from Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris. According to the latest survey by Pew Research Center, the number of

Shakira Sang “Imagine” After the Pope’s Speech to the United Nations

Shakira's choice of song could be seen as a comment on how she feels the Catholic church has been addressing child sexual abuse On

‘In God We Trust’ Police Car Bumper Sticker Reignites the Debate of Church and State

Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed complaints on a dozen Law Enforcement Agencies requesting the removal of the religious messages from publicly financed vehicles.