Muslims Buy Billboards to Create Awareness Around Islam’s True Meaning

100 billboard ads are on display in major cities throughout the U.S. in hopes to dispel misconceptions of Islam. A Muslim advocacy group has

Timbuktu’s Oldest Mosque, Djinguereber, is Spared During Terrorist Attacks

Beautifully crafted on the very soil on which it is rooted, Timbuktu’s oldest mosque has remained a center of attention and source of awe


Who Is ISIS (aka ISIL) and Why You Should Care

With their recent rise to power in Iraq, we should all know: who is ISIS? A new holy war has emerged on the Middle

Jewish Mausoleums Destroyed in Syria

Ancient Jewish Mausoleums Destroyed by al-Qaeda-Linked Group in Syria

Syria has been in religious unrest since 2011, and militants are continuing to destroy religious sites. The latest attack has been on ancient Jewish