Religion in Saudi Arabia

Religion’s Major Influence in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is dominated by Sunni Muslims. Islam is the state religion of Saudi Arabia.[/tweetit] Approximately 93 percent of Saudis are Muslim. The majority

Sarah Ghanem Modest Fashion

When Less Is More: Modest Fashion On the Rise

Modest fashion: how to embrace an empowering global trend with varying standards of modesty. Modest Fashion - a style that is being embraced by

Woman Who Went Viral After Wearing Mini Skirt in Saudi Arabia is Released from Police Custody

Woman Caught Violating Religious Laws on Clothing Not Charged. Saudi police have released, without charging, the women who created an online sensation when she

French Women’s Rights Minister and YSL Designer Says Labels Who Cater to Muslim Women Are Promoting “Enslavement”

Yves Saint Laurent co-founder asks big brands to make Muslim women more beautiful by giving them their freedom. Pierre Berge claims that he is