Lady depressed in the holidays

Holiday Blues? Let’s Change the Palette

Naturopathic practitioner provides simple tips to help take stress reduction into your own hands. It is not just children who look forward to Holidays

Sunset On The Seashore

As Belief in God and Church Membership Go Down, Spiritual Practices and Community Engagement Go Up—Does This Signal a New Chapter in the World’s Approach to Faith?

Belief in God has dipped again. In the latest Gallup Poll, the American belief in an omnipotent, omnipresent deity dipped to 81%, down six

Amazing image of the Earth. Original from NASA. Digitally enhanced

Greetings, 8 Billionth Earthling!

Somewhere, sometime on the 15th of November 2022, someone was born whose entrance on the scene pushed mankind over the threshold of 8 billion

Houses of Worship: Qatar State Grand Mosque

Qatar sits on a peninsula in the Persian Gulf with Saudi Arabia to the west as their only neighboring country. Over the past 30

Yoido Full Gospel Church

Houses of Worship: Yoido Full Gospel Church

Seoul, the capital of South Korea or the “Great People's Nation” as its name translates in English, is home to almost 10 million people

Big bronze Amoghasiddhi Buddha statue called Tian Tan Buddha with sunset sky at Po Lin Monastery Ngong Ping in Lantau Island famous tourist destination in Hong Kong China

The Gifts of Buddhism

2,500 years ago, Gautama Sakyamuni—more familiar to us as the Buddha—was not handed wisdom by an angel and was not spoken to face to

Taoism Temple, Aljunied, Singapore

The Gifts of Taoism

“Go with the flow.” “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” “By letting go all gets done.” “All things change.” “Let

Nun treats refugee

Religion: The Lifeline of Humanity

Salvation, redemption, absolution, deliverance. Any religion focuses one way or another, through one path or another, on the liberation of the individual, and—since so

Act of Kindness Homeless Care Package Muslim Woman Hijabi Homeless Man at the steps of a Church

The Gifts of Islam

1.5 to 2 billion of the world’s people identify as Muslim. That means that nearly 1 out of 4 people in the world believe

Church prayer

Does Religion Nudge Us Toward Virtue? And Does it Work?

Does being religious make us behave more morally has long been debated. Of interest to psychologists and philosophers, according to one scholar it really