Why Samaritan’s Purse Is Saving Lives of ISIS Fighters

Samaritan’s Purse saving lives on both of sides in Iraq

The humanitarian group Samaritan’s Purse is assisting to save lives on both sides of the conflict in Iraq.[/tweetit] Its hospital catering to Emergency Field Trauma is located outside the beleaguered city of Mosul in Iraq now caters to wounded civilians independent of their religion. The hospital treats not only men, children and women, it also treats injured ISIS fighters. Victims were possibly hurt by the same ISIS fighter lying injured at their side.

Why Samaritan’s Purse Is Saving Lives of ISIS Fighters[/tweetthis]

Samaritan's Purse identifies itself as an evangelical organization and is headed by Franklin Graham the son of Billy Graham, the famous evangelist. Franklin Graham is a prominent evangelical in his own right and is extremely social media savvy. The president of Samaritan's Purse took to social media on the night of February 11 to explain that his team members have extended their compassionate care to every person in the area, whether residents or fighters on both sides. The primary purpose of the post, however, was to defend President Donald J. Trump's wide ranging and controversial January 27 executive order.

The said presidential order suspends all refugee resettlement for a period of 120 days. It also halts for an indefinite period the resettlement of refugees from Syria and temporarily stops travels of citizens from seven particular countries for 90 days. All these seven countries have a Muslim-majority population. To defend President Trump's order, the evangelical Franklin Graham said since his organization functions in over 100 nations, and having had operational experience in a majority of countries on the banned list, he can say President Trump was correct in giving the order.

The evangelist, to explain his rationale, mentioned that Samaritan's Purse is also treating wounded fighters of the Islamic State as part of their duties. Medical personnel take them inside the care area, perform the necessary surgery and bind up their wounds afterwards. These facilities are near to the front lines, being located only ten kilometers away from Mosul. The facility came into existence in January as part of coalition effort to push out ISIS from one of its last Iraqi strongholds. However, Graham reminded his readers, giving adequate care to the ISIS fighters does not mean helping them migrate to the United States. There is a need to know about their identities- and thus the Trump administration is correct in his selective travel moratorium and refugee vetting process.


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